B’aja Organic Fertiliser

Advanced Balanced Nutrients
for Your Grass

Directly from The Organic Fertilizer Manufacturer in Malaysia. Supplier You Can Trust



We produce powerful organic fertilizers using the best natural ingredients to enable your container-grown plants to flourish from the seedling stage to harvest.

Our unique products have been developed based on countless hours of research and lab testing: they incorporate not only macro & micronutrients but also vital trace elements and beneficial microbes.

Our clients turning into raving fans are evidence that there is nothing on the market that matches our products in terms of producing the happiest plants with the largest yields whilst also being as environmentally friendly as possible.

But remember that healthy soil structure and pH are just as important as fertilizer application in the prevention of plant nutrient deficiencies.

  • Slow release for sustained complete growth
    Organic fertilizers are broken down slowly by organisms in the soil to produce a more measured, natural release of nutrients thus creating stronger plants. By balancing the right ratio of nutrients for plants and maintaining low chlorine levels we assure the availability of different elements so the plants can uptake them simultaneously
  • Root Stimulant
    By using our natural chelating agent, our product stimulates the root to enable equal and full uptake of nutrients
  • Love your land
    The organic matter in B’AJA will help keep your soil in optimum PH condition and improve its workability + it’s 100% earthworm-friendly!
  • Embrace sustainability
    We are a low-carbon alternative. We only use by-product and waste with balanced nutrients for stronger roots, better and equally nutritious uptake, roots.
  • A smarter gardener
    As an affordable alternative to chemical fertilizers, B’AJA products eliminate waste because the nutrients are consumed by the plants the moment they are released.

Our advanced in-house Technique is

the added advantage that only B’AJA fertilizers uphold

  • High efficiency

  • Increase in Photosynthetic Activity

  • Increase in Vegetative Dry Matter Production

  • Reduction In Bunch Failure 1.5 months - 3.5 months before harvest

  • Soil conditioner stimulates root activity at greater Depth

  • Increased fond size

  • Drastic reduction in Floral Abortion 9 to 11 Months before harvest

  • Low chlorine levels

  • Organically chelated trace elements

  • Humic and fulvic acids

  • Slow releasing compounds

  • Reduces leaching

  • Provides all essential nutrients for growth and production

  • Essential nutrients are provided in right ratio

  • Soil conditioner to increase soil P.H. level

  • Neutralize minerals and increase uptake in plants