Tale of 2 Farmers

Probably the Most Important Message Any Livestock Farmer has to Face


Like it or not... you are like one of them... which one?

Dear Farmer, Entrepreneur, 

If my guess is correct, you’re here in search of a dairy cattle feed manufacturer, sheep feed manufacturer, beef cattle feed manufacturer or rumen bypass fat manufacturer… or, maybe you have heard about the impact our feed is having on livestock from someone you know… if so, you’ll be glad you landed here.

While there’s plenty of reasons (like testimonials, case studies and research) for me to shout from the rooftops that “we’re the best animal feed manufacturer in Malaysia” I’m not a big fan of hyped-up claims. 

However, I strongly encourage you to read this message until the end as this might be the most important message you’ve ever received from any feed mill in Malaysia or even any livestock feed manufacturer EVER.


Because most general livestock feed suppliers in Malaysia never talk about this.

I’d go as far as to say – no one talks about this!

And, it is so critical for the success of your dairy farm, beef cattle farm or any other livestock farm business that I’d go as far as saying that…

This Message Is the Door from an Average or Miserable Livestock Farm to Highly Profitable, Stable-Income Farm

And there’s only one condition… ONLY ONE.

You have to be the right type of farm entrepreneur.

Word of caution: some of what you’re about to read may be hard to accept.

A bitter pill to swallow.

But if you care about moving from “subpar livestock farm” to “well-oiled profit-machine”, this will be a very valuable read.

In the livestock farming world, there are two types of people. Two groups. Two camps. However you want to label it.

Every farmer falls into one of the two camps. Everyone.

Gill vs Nathan is a concept I came up with to help demonstrate these two camps or categories of farmers.

Although Gill and Nathan are not real “flesh and blood” people per se – their traits are absolutely real and based on real people.

You’re currently one of them.

Which one? …well, you’ll need to read the rest of this page to discover that.

Both of them are busy… both invest money and time… but one is spinning wheels trying to make money in this business… while the other crushes it.

Here’s a thing… I’m not selling anything here. I don’t want you to transfer a single cent to Purnima Feeds… at least, not until we’re both certain that we are a good match.

So, get a coffee, get comfortable and relax. Ready? Let’s go!

Meet Gill. 

Gill runs his livestock farm based on a set of simple premises: 

“I buy feed as cheap as possible as that’s the only way to remain profitable. 

I stick to what I’ve been doing for years – I don’t like change. If a change has to happen – it has to come from the Government. 

Statistics, Analytics, Numbers? Hmm… nope… that’s for guys in suits! I’m a farmer.”

Nathan is different. 

Here’s how Nathan runs his business:

“Price of the feed or nutrition matters only in the context of the overall profitability of my farm. If my livestock is healthier and I produce more as a result of a slightly more expensive feed or a nutrition additive, I’m happy to pay extra. ROI matters, not the cheapest feed.

If I see an opportunity to improve the performance of my business, I’ll give it a try. I’ll run small tests and base my decisions on data not an opinion of a neighbour, group of peers or Government.”

There is a secret to maximizing the profits of your livestock business 

In fact, there are formulas that work EVERY SINGLE TIME to generate higher milk yields or body mass, increase energy levels… and, ultimately, improve your profits and provide you with a piece of mind.

You see, typical livestock feed mills in Malaysia and overseas work with Gills’ of this world. They produce “one-fits-all” solutions, often creating a feed that has so little nutritional value that can barely be described as a feed (can’t blame them… Gills demand ridiculously low price… the price is pretty much the only thing that matters to them).

Since the very beginning of Purnima Feeds, our goal has been to work with each individual farmer (Nathans only) and to focus on producing actual tangible results in the form of additional profits for these farmers.

And, it is not just because we are decent human beings that care about those who invest in our products and solutions… (I’ll be first to admit – there are a lot of great humans among our competitors in Cargill, Sawit Pioneerfeed, Budi Feed, Skyglow, Megavision Agrofeeds and others as well)  …it has all to do with a long-term business perspective. 

Our formulas are proprietary and our know-how is built over years of research, analysis and data… we are constantly on the cutting-edge of the livestock feed research primarily focused on ruminants (no, we don’t deal with chicken or swine feed…) our results are so impactful that Nathans’ become loyal customers, even friends… and it’s good and stable business… for everyone.

But the custom approach to each individual farm takes more time and effort than to produce thousands of tons of the same “ok lah’’ products.

We first have to evaluate the soil (yes, it matters a lot!), the current feeding regime, take into account the specific breed of your animal and create a feeding program tailored to your specific needs. 

The goal is to feed your specific animals what they actually need at this specific stage in every piece they intake.

It’s time and effort… that’s worth it when we’re dealing with Nathans… but a waste of time, when we’re dealing with Gills.

I’m sure by now you realize that you’ll be better served elsewhere if you feel you’re Gill.

However, there are different “levels” of Gill and Nathan.

Some, Gills consciously know they’re Gills… but they want to change. They mostly don’t know where to start… how to track and monitor the right data… how to evaluate and improve their livestock feed ration… they want to be Nathan – if only they knew how.

There’s still hope for those Gills.

Paul Zane Pilzer said that millionaires are made as a result of “choice and attitude”.

What about you?

Are you a Gill or a Nathan?

If you choose to give a damn about the health and well-being of your livestock.

If you choose to reject the status quo and look at opportunities to grow your business by scientifically and analytically improving what your livestock intakes… 

If you’re willing to have a free, no-strings-attached conversation with our livestock consultant about where your animals are lacking… (and, yes, as a result, he may offer you a small trial batch of feed customized for your specific case).

Then you seem to be a Nathan.

Roll the dice and get in touch. It’s time to make a decision. There’s a floating ‘contact’ button right next to you. Your call.

Santharatharan Ganesan, Livestock Consultant, Purnima Feeds